Multiple Solutions to Make You More Successful

Once you’ve selected the right truck for your needs, the next step is how to finance it. Now more than ever, financing a truck is just as important as choosing a truck. Our finance department is here to assist you with all of your truck financing needs. Our finance specialist is dedicated to truck financing and we use financial sources who specialize in the trucking industry. Our goal is to find the best financing solution customized for your business needs and to make your business successful!

Young Truck Sales, Inc. offers an array of financing programs to meet the needs of your unique situation. We help you get into your truck faster so you can be on the road longer!

Types of Finance Programs Available:

  • Fixed Rate Financing - Versatile loans with terms tailored to your needs.
  • TRAC Leases - Allows you to purchase or sell your truck at the end of the lease term.
  • Fair Market Value Leases - Allows you to turn your equipment in at the end of the lease term.
    *Leasing may qualify for tax incentives. Please contact your tax advisor.

If you have financed a truck before...
The process is simple because you already have a history of truck credit. The Lenders will now focus on your payment history, driving experience, and hauling references. Please remember the more documentation you provide to the Lender the less risk they perceive and that is reflected in the lower interest rate on your approval.

Are you a first time buyer?...
Relax we have financed many new trucks for first time buyers…just ask for our references. Our focus is to help you reduce the “Perceived” risk to the lender, so the more documentation you can provide the lower the risk, the lower the risk the lower your interest rate! The #1 complaint from first time buyers is: The interest rate is too high…so help us help you…more documentation is the key to lowering your interest rate.

How to reduce your interest rate...
With a first time truck buyer, Lenders look for at least two plus years of driving experience, a solid reference from your future employer or the customer you will be hauling for, and good credit report/score with some pre-existing “high credit”. Also the larger your down payment is the lower the risk is to the lender. Providing tax returns for the last two years showing your income as a trucker always reduces the risk to the lender.

Our Goal is to Get You Financed Through a Conventional Lender with Acceptable Terms

Let’s get started...
Fill out our secure online credit application to get started today!

Questions? Call Tiffany Small at 1-800-362-0495 and we will address any questions or concerns.